Pneumatic Products

Air & Fluid Guns

  • MultiFLOW Air and fluid gun

    CEJN’s MultiFLOW blowgun effectively cleans surfaces with air or water with unparalleled blowing force. Precise flow is achieved by adjustable flow settings. Nozzle adjusts from narrow jet to wide beam. The MultiFLOW meets and exceeds OSHA safety standards when dead-ended.

  • Air & Fluid Guns

    Blowgun with ergonomical controls. Suitable for both air and non-explosive liquides. Available in several styles, including standard full-flow, noise-reducing Star-Tip, and a pressure-regulated safety version.

  • Air & Fluid Guns Accessories

    Removable accessories for Series 208 and 210 blowguns. Various tubes and tips are available to meet specific application requirements.